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Neural tube defects and sex ratio distortion: factors associated with the sex of children with NTDs in data from the European network of population-based registries of congenital anomalies (EUROCAT)
Rima Obeid, Anke Rissmann
The main objective of the study is to investigate sex ratio distortion and factors associated with the sex of the children among pregnancies affected with NTDs (terminations, stillbirths, and live births) in all available EUROCAT data collected from the year 2000 upward in all member registers with less than 20% missing data on sex of the child.
Choanal atresia and stenosis in Europe 1980-2019.
Jorieke Bergmann
The study aims to determine the prevalence of choanal atresia / stenosis in EUROCAT data over 1980-2019 and to study trends over time. The characteristics of choanal atresia / stenosis cases will also be described (including type of birth, gender, gestational length, birth weight, one-week survival, prenatal diagnosis, others). Finally, potential risk factors will be studied.
COVICAT: Covid19 infection and vaccination in pregnancy: An Irish cohort study and European ecological study to assess risks of congenital anomalies.
Maria Loane
The study will investigate whether there is any temporal relationship between the prevalence of congenital anomalies, and the rate of infection or vaccination during the first trimester of pregnancy, in an ecological study design.



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