New collaborative study on global prevalence of cerebral palsy

The SCPE network contributed to an international study on trends in prevalence of cerebral palsy (CP), led by Cerebral Palsy Alliance. The aim of the study was to determine trends and current estimates in regional and global prevalence of CP.

A systematic analysis of data from participating CP registers/ surveillance systems and population-based prevalence studies (from birth year 1995) was performed. Analyses were conducted for pre-/perinatal, postnatal, neonatal, and overall CP.

The study showed that the birth prevalence of CP in high income countries steadily declined over the last 25 years and is currently 1.6 per 1000 live births. Data available from low and middle income countries indicated markedly higher birth prevalence.

The results of the study are published in Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 2022;00:1-13.

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