Cerebral Palsy Register of South-West Hungary  -  Cerebralis paresis regiszter Dél-Nyugat Dunántúl, Magyarország

Year CP register established: 2010
Geographic area covered: 15% of Hungary
Adverse health event or disability registered: Cerebral palsy
Population in the area: 932,939 inhabitants (2011)
Number of cases / year: 15-20
Principal data sources: University of Pécs, Department of Pediatrics, County hospitals in the covered area (Kaposvár, Szekszárd), Early Intervention Centers (university-organised, city and county organised), Chronic Institutes for Disabled Children in the covered area, Advocacy groups of handicapped people in the covered area, Association of Handicapped People with Movement Disorders.

Administrative information

Address of the register:
University of Pécs, Department of Pediatrics, József Attila utca 7, 7623 Pécs, Hungary
Name, speciality of the scientific professional in charge:
Katalin Hollódy MD, PhD, paediatric neurologist, (hollody.katalin@pte.hu)
Eszter Nagy MD, PhD, resident of paediatrics (nagyeszterst@gmail.com)
SCPE center code: C23