• To promote setting up of new registries in order to assure collecting of comparable, standardized data.
  • To promote the exchange of knowledge and practical skills on population-based registration methods, classification and coding of congenital anomalies
  • Network expansion and data quality improvement data to EUROCAT, but do participate in meetings and may be asked to participate in specific projects.

RAS Activities

  • Work with applicant members to achieve full membership including successful data transmission (this includes a one-year follow-up and evaluation of data collection for new applicants).
  • Availability of a RAS contact by e-mail for any registration problems (e.g. coding etc.).
  • Organisation of training workshops on EUROCAT methodology and coding at annual Registry Leader’s Meetings.
  • Liaises with other potential EUROCAT members.
  • Evaluation and reporting to EUROCAT Steering Committee/JRC-EUROCAT Management Committee/Central Registry on the available infrastructure, methodology and data of applicant members.
  • Involved in the evaluation of coding and data quality indicators

For RAS enquiries contact: JRC-EUROCAT@ec.europa.eu