EUROCAT Membership Criteria

Full Member Registries transmit case data on all congenital anomaly cases in their region.

Associate Member Registries transmit an aggregate file containing the total number of cases in each congenital anomaly subgroup by type of birth.

Affiliate Member Registries do not transmit data to EUROCAT but participate in meetings and projects. New Members are Affiliate Members until their first set of data has been published on the EUROCAT website at which time their membership status transfers to Full or Associate.

Applicant Registries are those who are in the process of applying for membership.

Past Members Registries are those who have closed their activities or have made such fundamental organisational changes that a new membership application is required.

"World Affiliate" Registries are non-European registries that benefit from close liaison with the EUROCAT Network (eg. guidance on setting up a registry and on coding and classification). World Affiliates do not transmit data to EUROCAT, but do participate in meetings and may be asked to participate in specific projects.

How to become a member