SCPE structure and functioning

The SCPE Board of members consist of all Type (a) partners.

The Management Committee is a joint JRC-SCPE Committee whose Terms of Reference are to manage and coordinate the SCPE, to ensure the sustainability and development of the SCPE Common Database, to facilitate the development of research projects and the dissemination of the work on CP in Europe, to maintain collaborations with partners working on CP, and to promote the work and achievements of the SCPE.

Three Working Groups are in charge of the development and achievements of SCPE work:

  1. the Data Working Group, overseeing decisions, rules and amendments for data collection, and promoting and ensuring data quality
  2. the Website and Dissemination Working Group, overseeing decisions and rules for the content of the website, and dissemination of the work
  3. the Scientific Activities Working Group, overseeing the development of epidemiological surveillance and public health research as well as clinical research based on CP registries.

Chair: Catherine Arnaud

Deputy-Chair: Mary Jane Platt

Deputy-Chair: Els Ortibus

Expert: Ingeborg Krägeloh-Mann

Data Group Leaders: Javier de la Cruz and Elodie Sellier

Website & Dissemination Group Leader: Sandra Julsen Hollung

Scientific Activities Group Leader: Kate Himmelmann

JRC members: Simona Martin and Ciarán Nicholl