SCPE membership

The SCPE is an unofficial voluntary non-profit organisation. There are three possible qualifications for a membership.

Type (a) partner: Any European registry or survey of children with CP fulfilling all the following criteria:

  • population-based registry that covers a geographically defined area, with a birth rate of at least 3,000 births per year
  • uses multiple sources of ascertainment
  • can comply with the SCPE requirements in terms of data collection, classification of CP, and quality assurance
  • will transmit the relevant data to the SCPE Common Database in a timely manner

The partner is the registry, and is usually represented by the registry leader.

Type (b) partner: An individual professional with skills relevant to individuals in a neuro-developmental field such as clinical, public health or epidemiological expertise. Type (b) partners promote the use of the SCPE Common Database in collaborative research studies external to SCPE.

Type (c) partner: Any association, non-governmental organisation or network (including parent organisations, institutions or professional organisations) with an interest in the work performed by SCPE. The partner is the organisation or network, and is usually represented by the organisation/network leader, or an agreed representative.