Registration of CP cases

Then SCPE data collection and coding of items is done in a standardised and harmonised way.

Guideline for the Collection and Submission of Data

The SCPE "Guideline for the Collection and Submission of Data" includes detailed instructions and all the required information for data collection and coding of the items included in the SCPE Data Collection Form for CP cases as well as population-based denominators.

It can also be used as a guide for new candidate registries, explaining the SCPE common language (SCPE agreed CP definition, inclusion/exclusion criteria, classification of CP subtypes, functional grading, neuroimaging data).

The Data Collection Form is especially designed for the collection of accurate standardized data from all the participating registries of CP in Europe. It can be used by any group which wants to collect data on CP in a population-based surveillance program.

Contact the JRC-SCPE Central Registry for further information.