Cerebral Palsy Database of Riga

Year CP register established: 2010
Year 1st birth cohort registered: 2000
Geographic area covered: Riga (35% of Latvia)
Adverse health event or disability registered: Cerebral palsy
Population in the area: 698,086 inhabitants (2015)
Number of cases / year: 10-15
Number of live births / year: 7,514
Principal data sources: Medical sources neonatalogy database, neurologic/rehabilitation out patient clinics, Social service department of Riga.

Administrative information

Address of the register: Association Rehabilitation center «Mes esam lidzas», 2 Ledmanes str, Riga, Latvia
Name, speciality of the scientific professional in charge: Andra Greitane, paediatrician rehabilitation doctor
SCPE center code: C22